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 HOMEPORT Karlin is FULLY AUTOMATIC city bike rental service 

Choose a tariff on website or mobile app PrahaKola and register. Pay for tariff online via credit/debit card.
Immediately you receive an e-mail and SMS with login = card number & PIN.
Use this card number & PIN to login in to any HOMEPORT station in Prague - Karlin and rent a bike (follow instructions on the station screen).
You can return the bike to any of 7 HOMEPORT stations in Prague - Karlin.
If you have DAY or WEEK tariff, you can keep the bicycle outside the station for maximum of 24 hours
You can have unlimited quantity of rentals during the validity of the tariff.
If you have YEAR tariff the free rental is upto 2 hours, if you keep the bike more than 2 hours there is a fee for long rental according the tariff conditions, usually 20,- CZK per extra hour.
During the validity of the tariff is quantity of rentals unilimited = you can have more FREE rentals during the same day!


How bikesharing works?


How to rent & return a bike ?



Max. simultaneously rented bikes
Tariff duration

The maximum period of each rental is 24 hours. Please do not keep the bike longer than necessary - give it back to the station. Thank you.

DetailsDetailsNameNameFree period of useFree period of useMinimal balanceMinimal balancePricePriceSign UpSign Up
1 day 1 bike 24 h 0 Kč 250 Kč Sign Up
1 day 2 bikes 24 h 0 Kč 350 Kč Sign Up
1 day 3 bikes 24 h 0 Kč 450 Kč Sign Up
1 day 4 bikes 24 h 0 Kč 600 Kč Sign Up
1 week 1 bike 24 h 0 Kč 800 Kč Sign Up
1 week 2 bikes 24 h 0 Kč 1 400 Kč Sign Up
1 week 3 bikes 24 h 0 Kč 1 500 Kč Sign Up
1 week 4 bikes 24 h 0 Kč 1 600 Kč Sign Up
1 year 1 bike 2 h 0 Kč 300 Kč Sign Up
1 year 2 bikes 2 h 0 Kč 550 Kč Sign Up
1 year 3 bikes 2 h 0 Kč 750 Kč Sign Up
1 year 4 bikes 2 h 0 Kč 900 Kč Sign Up
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Station occupancy

Stations - GPX Available bikesAvailable bikes Free docksFree docks
Corso Praga (e-stanice G5)02
Florenc - stanice G208
Invalidovna - stanice G208
Křižíkova - stanice G204
Lyčkovo náměstí - stanice G204
NOT PUBLIC ! NEVEŘEJNÁ ! Showroom (G5)02
Pošta - stanice G204
SKANSKA (Corso Court) stanice G251
Šaldova - stanice G222
There is no station matching your filter, adjust the station name or by pressing Enter search for location directly on the map above
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